The community of Hopedale

Hopedale (population 560, ~90% identify as Aboriginal) is the Legislative Capital of Nunatsiavut, and is where the Nunatsiavut Assembly meets. The community was established in 1782 by Moravian missionaries, but the modern town was established in the 1950s. Hopedale is renowned for its fishing, as well as its abundant land and sea resources. Hopedale is also home to the Hopedale Moravian Mission complex, a National Historic Site. The building is considered one of the oldest wooden structures east of Quebec and highlights the history of Moravian missionaries and European settlers and their contact with Nunatsiavut Inuit. Hopedale is renowned for its fishing and natural resources and the majority of residents continue to participate in land-based activities for sustenance and livelihoods.

Photos of Hopedale

Extended interviews with Hopedale residents

Wayne Piercy

Rosie Hurley

Melvin Hurley

Kim Dicker

Kevin Flowers

Ian Winters

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